James Dowson of The DMC Advantage is a valued and regular participant in the Royal Parks Half Marathon, raising funds for the projects Meeting Needs supports. Here in the first of our spotlights on our runners and walkers, he tells us why he puts himself through the punishing training schedule each year to take part:

“It has been a great pleasure to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon in aid of Meeting Needs four times and 2024 will mark my fifth effort. I seem to be getting slower with each year and it was rather frustrating for me to nudge over the 2 hour mark in 2023…what better motivation than to get my time down again?!

But really there are better reasons to run. Meeting Needs is the event industry charity – our charity – we can suggest and influence the good causes which rely on our industry to help. Our WhatsApp group updates us on projects we have directly influenced with meaningful, life-changing donations.

Asking clients, friends, family and fellow suppliers for sponsorship does not feel like a chore: I am proud to have played a small part!”

The Royal Parks Half Marathon is a great event industry gathering in London´s beautiful parks, starting and finishing in Hyde Park. If you would like to take part in The Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday, October 13, 2024 and raise funds for Meeting Needs, please contact kconway@meetingneeds.org.uk