Meeting Needs is a fundraiser and a grant giver. We ask our supporters to raise and donate money to Meeting Needs so that we can make a difference in struggling communities in the UK and around the world.

Your donationEventprofs from all areas of the events industry
generously raise and donate money to Meeting Needs
throughout the year through various projects.
There are so many ways to get involved.
Application reviewsThe Meeting Needs board, made up of volunteers
from the events industry, meets every quarter to
assess project applications based on our beneficiary
criteria. Funds are approved based on the amount
available in the account at the time of each meeting
so the more funds we raise throughout the year,
the more often we can say yes.
Paying out the moneyOnce allocated, we don't wait to send the
funds directly to the beneficiary so they can
start making a difference in their local
community. We know from the application
process that each beneficiary has a strong
plan in place and they will report on the
progress of their project.
Making a difference in local communitiesMeeting Needs welcomes application from charities
with diverse objectives that will have a direct impact
on people in the local community. When the project is
complete, the beneficiary sends a full report.
Receive applicationsCharities submit applications for support
throughout the year. Our due diligence team
assesses each application as it comes in and
presents the findings to the board
for decision at our quarterly meetings.