Why Become a Charity Partner?

As a Charity Partner, you get to be a central part of the Events Industry charity and share in our growth story.
Leveraging your engagement with Meeting Needs as part of your corporate CSR strategy, we can provide you with case studies to share, help find a specific project for your organization.

-We can get a Meeting Needs Board Member to act as your Charity mentor

-We offer opportunities to feature in our updates to our Charity Partner network of 65 event industry professionals;

-We re-share as much of your charity news and events via our social media channels as we can; and link to you from our website

-We try to prioritise funding and match—funding applications for Charities supported by Charity Partners (provided those charities match our funding criteria)

-We offer opportunities to join industry fundraisers for Meeting Needs such as Royal Parks Half Marathon, Prudential Ride London 100 etc.

As a Charity Partner, we provide you with certificate for your premises and an email signature strip to evidence your CSR as a Charity Partner of Meeting Needs; and we can provide stories of our beneficiaries for your internal presentations and external sales pitches.

Below is a list of our current Charity Partners, if you’d like to join them download a form here and apply today.

How to become a Charity Partner?

We offer a range of options for Charity Partner membership so you can choose the method that is best for you.

-Make a £600 annual donation, £150 quarterly donation or £50 monthly donation to Meeting Needs. Pay by invoice or direct debit.

-Ask your clients to round their invoices to the next pound and donate the proceeds to Meeting Needs.

-Ask your clients to donate to Meeting Needs at point of registration for your events. See more about this option here.

For more information about how you can become a Charity Partner please contact our secretariat: Margaret Mann, mmann@meetingneeds.org.uk