Event industry charity Meeting Needs is to fund the creation of small chicken farms within two primary schools in the Kisarawe district of Tanzania.

Costing £5000, the project will be undertaken by UK-based charity Champion Chanzige and will include the provision of 100 chickens per school as well as skills training at Kidugalo and Mtamba Primary Schools. The funding will pay for large chicken houses, enclosed runs, chicken foods and the necessary vaccinations for the birds. Both students and teachers will be taught chicken husbandry by a local expert and well as receiving basic business skills training. The project follows similar models already undertaken by Champion Chanzige and proving successful in other areas of Tanzania and is aimed to make the schools sustainable as well as providing valuable nutrition for the local community. A total of 545 students will benefit from the project.

Meeting Needs has worked with Champion Chanzige on four previous projects since 2014. Past Chair Jenkins said: “We are delighted to be supporting them again on such a sustainable project as this that benefits so many people in the community.”