Sixty formerly destitute women from 10 villages in the district of Manikganj in Bangladesh have had their lives fransformed by the Poverty Alleviation Program for the Vulnerable Women co-funded by Meeting Needs.

The latest update from the Social Education & Economic Development Organization for the Needy (SEEDON) reports that these women – either widowed or left by their husbands – are now successfully raising goats, running grocery shops and cultivating vegetables. Some are even paying for their children’s education for the first time.

The project was funded with less than £3000 and has successfully changed the economic outlook for 60 families. This was done using cash to invest in materials and training in a sustainable model. A SEEDON spokesman said: “As the 60 women are now earning income they bring more value to the people of society and this will help them develop their human dignity.”

Meeting Needs Treasurer Charles Blowfield said: “This was a super project, demonstrating clearly our mantra that a little money can go a long way if a sustainable approach is taken to creating entrepreneurs. SEEDON has done a great job!”