Sensit Huggy Chairs and footstools have been developed based on theories of sensory integration. Pressure at trigger points from the chair’s flexible plastic balls stimulates tactile, muscle and joint sensation and has a soothing effect which leads to greater bodily awareness and improved well-being. In this case they are used to help children and adults with complex and severe learning disabilities, Meeting Needs has provided funding for three of these chairs.

The difference that they have made

The Sensit chairs have made an enormous difference as they are used in Seashell’s Royal School Manchester, Royal College Manchester and their separate residential children’s homes.

They help students to relax by providing deep mucle pressure helping them to remain calm and reduces their stress levels. And accordingly, the number of stress related incidents have also reduced enabling students to participate in activities they would previously have struggled with.

There was one student who was unable to tolerate the noise of others in the classroom and was taught in a separate room on a one-to-one basis. Thanks to the Sensit chair he is now accessing the classroom alongside other students for short periods of time.

An increasing number of students are choosing themselves to use the chairs (they either walk to them themselves or choose a photo from their choice board). Their popularity is the only problem as there is now a queue to use them!