Project Description

Street Children Iringa is a very small UK registered charity supporting a home for Street Children in Iringa, Tanzania, homing 11 children and youths who have spent most of their lives before this home living on the streets.

The home was set up by Street Children Iringa’s founder, Letty, in 2016 when she received permission by the council and social welfare office to become the legal guardian of these children and raise them in a home.

The grant made by Meeting Needs was used to purchase two Tuk Tuks that are used to generate income for the home through a taxi service. Since purchasing the two Tuk Tuks in March and May 2019, they have generated nearly £3,000 of additional income from the home. This has allowed them to take in two more street children, Fred and Eliah, who are now studying at local primary schools.

The project also supported 12 year old Samsung, his mother and younger brother with monthly food donations to keep Samsung from going to the streets in search of food. He has now received straight A’s at primary school and been accepted to a well-respected secondary school. The funding generated by the tuk tuks will go toward supporting his tuition fees.

The money raised by the tuk tuks will also support 11 year old Phillipo who lives with his grandmother in a single room mud hut. With no source of income, Phillipo was regularly working on the streets. Street Children Iringa is now supporting him with monthly food and educational support.

For more details, please see the Street Children Iringa newsletter.