Seashell Trust


A grant report from the UK Charity Seashell Trust. We supported them with a grant of £5,292 to purchase a Moto-Med Gracile chair to assist children to engage in physical [...]

Seashell Trust2018-05-16T14:05:36+01:00

Just a Drop


Just a Drop's Founder and Chair Fiona Jeffery recently visited Angkoul village, Cambodia, which is a project which Meeting Needs supported in 2015, to see the impact it has had [...]

Just a Drop2018-05-16T14:01:50+01:00

Tools for Self Reliance


In October 2017 Meeting Needs made a grant of £4,000 to Tools for Self Reliance who have groups all over the country, collecting and refurbishing tools, local partners give skills training and [...]

Tools for Self Reliance2018-05-16T13:53:16+01:00

Village Water


Village Water transforms lives in rural Africa through safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Better health means children can go to school more and parents have time to farm and provide [...]

Village Water2018-05-16T13:54:02+01:00

Clowns Without Borders


In January 2018 Meeting Needs made a grant of £4,099 to Clowns Without Borders who believe in the right of children, who live in areas affected by conflict, war or [...]

Clowns Without Borders2018-05-16T13:55:32+01:00

South London Cares


In December 2017 Meeting Needs made a donation of £4,000 to South London Cares, A community network of young professionals and older neighbours hanging out and helping one another in our [...]

South London Cares2018-05-16T13:55:58+01:00

Project Harar


Between August and July 2016 Project Harar successfully supported over 200 patients to access life changing surgery

Project Harar2018-01-09T17:03:42+00:00

Cecily’s Fund


Meeting Needs awarded £5,000 to support 96 orphans and vulnerable children in Kitwe, Zambia to go to school this year.

Cecily’s Fund2018-01-08T16:30:48+00:00

Sound Seekers


In March 2017, Meeting Needs approved a grant of £4,967 to Sound Seekers, to improve audiology services in Bansang Hospital in The Gambia

Sound Seekers2018-01-08T17:42:26+00:00
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