Funding by event industry foundation Meeting Needs has enabled the renovation of three staff houses at Lupote Clinic in the Hwange district of Zimbabwe.

Working in partnership with The Mother Africa Trust Team, Meeting Needs provided a grant of £5000 to carry out the work. There is now a functional drainage system, running water and the flush toilets are now working again. Leaking roofs, cracked halls and floors are now things of the past. Old damaged doors and broken windowpanes were also replaced while solar powered geysers were installed in all three staff houses, providing warm bathing water.

This grant not only improved the living conditions for the staff members at Lupote Health Centre but also yielded economic benefits to local community members who were part of the work force.  Ninety per cent of the workers were from the local communities and half of the work force were  women. They earned much-needed income and there was a skills transfer as they learnt a lot from the contracted building company.

The Mother Africa Trust Team spokesperson said: “Improved living conditions will contribute to better staff retention and the community will benefit from a highly motivated workforce. We are truly grateful for this grant and the trust that you invested in us.”

In total the clinic and the staff support the healthcare of more than 3000 villagers living nearby.