A total of 100 youngsters will enjoy morale-boosting day trips funded by meetings industry charity Meetings Industry Meeting Needs (MIMN).

The donation of £2500 will pay for 100 trips through UK charity ‘Happy days’ for children aged 3 – 17 with special needs including multiple disabilities, life limiting conditions and children that have been abused.

Ryan Sinclair, Happy Days’ CEO, said: “The day trips are to various locations, for example, to the theatre, the seaside and theme parks and are great morale boosters. The children come home with a more positive attitude which invariably sparks off an immediate improvement in their physical and mental well-being. Many of the children face early death, sometimes the death of a friend at a special needs school or their own impending death. The day trips give the children the gifts of happiness and hope, gifts that they so desperately need in their lives. When you have to give the children a lifetime of happiness in a few short years, every positive experience is invaluable.”

MIMN director of development Shonali Rodrigues said: “Happy Days is a great project bringing rare happiness to very unfortunate children – they have helped more than 167,000 such youngsters since 1992 and we are delighted to work with them.”