About Ella's

The need Ella’s is addressing is huge. 49.6 million people around the world are trapped in modern slavery. 79% of people trafficked are women and children. 6.3 million people are being exploited in the sex trade.

Each of the women Ella’s works with has a different story, but all have been hugely impacted by the cruelty they’ve been through. Ella’s provides survivors with the care and support they need to recover and move forward. Ella’s provides intensive support that is tailored to the individual. Their team provides direct, regular support for more than 45 women and families a year, and help when needed for dozens more in their network. 

Ella’s runs two safe houses and is in the process of opening a third. A grant from Meeting Needs provided funding to help furnish four bedrooms in the new safe house which will provide survivors with a room of their own while they are given support from Ella’s so they can become ready and able to live independently.

About Ella's

The need

Even when people who have been trafficked break away from abusive situations, they are not out of danger. The Government has a system called the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) which provides short-term help for people who escape or are rescued from modern slavery while their case is being looked at. But there is a significant lack of the intensive, long-term support people need to stay safe and recover fully. For survivors, this lack of support can be devastating. Many have been abused since childhood and have deep-rooted mental health conditions. Some have been controlled for so long that they don’t have the confidence to make even simple decisions. The majority have not had the opportunities to learn skills to get a safe job, don’t speak English and lack the resources to find somewhere safe to live. 

Ella’s provides support for the most traumatised survivors of trafficking and exploitation, when they need it most. And they always have a waiting list.

The solution

Meeting Needs provided a grant of £5000 to furnish four bedrooms in Ella’s third safe house in London. The rooms will provide a safe place for women while they are receiving support from Ella’s to live independently.

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