Donate to Visit

Donate to Visit is a flexible fundraising initiative where Charity Partners and suppliers from the events can raise funds for worthwhile causes through regular sales activity. Rather than spending on bringing goodies or branded giveaways to a meeting, Charity Partners and suppliers can suggest that a seller make a donation to Meeting Needs in lieu of any client entertainment.

Agencies/Buyers can

-Request that sellers make a donation to Meeting Needs in lieu of bringing giveaways or hosting lunches during sales calls

Suppliers can

-Offer a donation on behalf of each attendee to your event/webinar

-Request a donation from agencies/buyers attending your fam trips

Register for Donate to Visit

When you sign up to Donate to Visit, Meeting Needs will provide you with a bespoke donation link and our Donate to Visit logo that you can add to your website or send to anyone who wants to visit your office for a meeting.

To register for Donate to Visit, contact the Meeting Needs Secretariat: Margaret Mann,